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Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Battery

It’s every driver’s nightmare to ignite their car only to find out that it cannot start. The battery has served its purpose and it’s no longer functional. The battery is one of the most important car components that you will find in the engine bay.

Taking some small measures will go a long way in prolonging its life. Otherwise you may find you need to get a second hand one from your local wrecking yard, such as Toowoomba Wreckers. Or else pay full price for a new model.

Here are some tips that can help with extending the life of your car battery.

Switch off All the Electrical Appliances

Driving at night, when some drivers get to their destination and it’s time to turn off the engine, they just switch it off. They don’t remember to switch off electrical appliances. Switch off the radio, all the lights, and other electrical appliances. It should be done when the engine is still running.  This is important as the battery will rest. 

Have the Battery Terminals Cleaned

As time goes by, battery terminals can corrode if not well taken care of. This reduces its life significantly. To control corrosion, it’s recommended that the terminals are cleaned at least every six months. This is by using a mixture of water and baking soda scrubbing with a soft brush. 

Reduce Idling

Idling takes a huge toll on the battery thus it should be avoided. Instead of idling, it’s better to switch off the car. If the car will be in the idling mode for some time, all electrical components such as the radio, the lights, and the air conditioner should be turned off. 

Check the Battery Cells

The battery cells should be checked periodically. The plates should be covered with electrolytes and if not, fill them with distilled water. If not sure about how to do this, get someone who can assist as long as they do it correctly and not overfill it. 

Importance of Taking Care of the Battery

Besides serving you for longer which saves you money, there are more reasons you should take better care of the battery. 

·         It gives you quicker starts every time you turn on the ignition 

·         You keep the car in good shape as the components that rely on the battery will still function

When a battery is not well-maintained, it’s bound to die easily and at any time. If you do not want surprises, check the battery cells, reduced extended periods of idling, switch off all electrical components before parking the car and keep the terminals clean. 

Keep Your Car Looking New for Longer

Perhaps you have owned several cars but you do not drive one for more than 4 years. You buy another one even if there is nothing wrong with the other one. Maybe you just want to change the make or you want the latest model. Maybe it’s because a friend has a new car and many other reasons.

Look this post is not about when to buy a new car but instead about how to keep your current car looking its best. If you don’t follow our tips below you may face the hard facts that your car just deteriorates away, becoming worthless junk. When that happens your best course of action is to find a company that provides top cash for scrap cars. But it doesn’t have to come to that point.

One thing is that you do not have to pressure yourself to buy a new car when the current one is still in good shape. So how can you keep the car looking new for longer?

Ensure Regular Waxing

When your car is waxed regularly, it’s protected from debris and other elements that can damage the paint slowly. Experts recommend that after every four months, the car should be waxed although if you know how to do it, you can do it yourself. Remember that as the years go by, your car will need more care.

Use Paint Protection Film

To protect the original paint of the vehicle, a paint protection film will be of significant help. The beauty of this film is that it can serve you for years when it’s properly installed. You should not worry about the film damaging the vehicle because it does not have any side effects.

Install Good Quality Tint

It’s easy for the interior of your car to fade when it’s exposed to the scorching sun daily. You have probably parked your car in the sun and when you entered it, it was extremely hot especially if its interiors are made of leather. These UV rays damage the interior and your car will look older than it actually is. Besides protecting the interior, a quality tint on the windows will boost your comfort while inside the car and the sun is too hot.

Keep Your Vehicle in the Garage

This should not only be done during the day but also at night. Condensation happens on the car body at night and the worst part is that this cool moisture on the surface of the car consists of harmful elements. These elements are harmful to every part of the vehicle including the headlights, the paint, the windows and even the rubber parts among others. Your car will look older fast than you think if you do not shelter it in the garage at night.

Installing window tint, keeping your car in the garage, installing paint film, regular waxing and cleaning will keep it looking new for longer. It’s important that you learn of some preventative measures, you will be able to keep the car in shape for longer.

How to Maintain the Shiny Look of Your Car

A brand new car is always gleaming. It looks beautiful, shiny and quite clean. As time goes by, the paint will start looking dull. It will not be as gleaming as when it was new. It’s not easy for many to maintain their cars well but you there is a possibility.

Wax Your Car Once a Month

Waxing your car will help in maintaining the shiny look. A high quality wax should be used in this case. An auto dealer will do it professionally but you can also do it yourself. If you decide to wax the car yourself, you should ensure that you follow the instructions given to the letter. Wash and dry the car before you can start waxing. After applying the wax, you should remove any residue.

Use Car Detergents

There are many car washing detergents that you can choose from and this is what you should use to clean the car. Microfiber towels should be used to wash. The paint coating is damaged by other detergents that are meant for house chores thus they should be avoided.

Before doing the actual washing, remove any dirt and debris that could be on the body to avoid scratches then clean and dry the car using a clean microfiber towel.

Wash it at Least Once a Week

To keep it clean and shiny, you should wash it at least once a week. Whether it’s washed by a professional or you wash it at home, it should be done weekly and this is when it is just dusty. It should be washed as soon as it gets dirty especially after driving in a muddy or dusty area or in the rain. Every part should be cleaned thoroughly including the tires and the rims.

Park it under a Shade

Hot and dry weather affects the finish of your car. Parking your car in the sun regularly will lead to the paint losing its luster and will gradually look dull. Just like your skin, protect it from UV rays as long as you can. Park it in a shelter, at your home garage or under a shade.

Proper care for your car boosts its appearance. In addition to maintaining a gleaming car, regular paint maintenance adds its value. When you decide to resell it, the bids will be higher. As you focus on the paint, do not forget the rims and the interiors.

The Best Way to Become a Good Driving Instructor

With the economic unrest all across the globe, the jobs and the career of the people are also greatly hampered. Therefore, now people have also started searching for a career which will last a lifetime. This is the reason why myriads of people now desire to become a driving instructor.

If you are seriously planning to become a driving instructor and work with one of the renowned driving schools Northern Beaches, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is get enrolled in a driving instructor training institute.They will aptly teach you your roles and enlighten you about your duties and responsibilities.

When you become a driving instructor, you will be responsible to teach the people about the ways to drive safely and avoid any mishaps or accidents at all cost. You will educate them about the highway codes and the give them proper training so that they can pass their final driving test.

Training and courses

Before you get awarded the ADI (approved driving instructor) certificate or a driving instructor certificate, it’s imperative to pass the government tests. To get the proper knowledge, you need to attend the drive instructor courses to pave the way to join a private driving school. You can find a driving instructor training school in your vicinity and get enrolled in it.

The drive instructor courses are specially devised and will enlighten you about different facets of driver training and other aspects as well. They will also give your insight about how to lure and retain students for your future business, ways to market your business and also the modes to manage the finances. Just getting a driver instructor license is not enough! In the long run, you also need to be aware of the different aspects of setting up a successful driver training institute.

Where can you get the driving instructor training?

The best and the most lucrative part of the drive instructor courses is that they are highly flexible and therefore you can easily adjust them with your personal and professional commitments. You have various options: You can either attend the fixed classes, study at home or even get enrolled in a comprehensive class which will teach you all the aspects of the matter of few weeks. The classes will be highly personal with focus given to all the students equally.

You need not worry about the driving instructor courses as all the renowned driver training institutes have their branches and colleges all across the country. So, you can easily locate the best one in your locality and get started with your training and get driving lessons Narrabeen


How to Treat Rust on Your Car Frame and Chassis

Rust is a nagging problem everyone would have faced in their life at least once. You know it’s trouble when you see the rust formed on either your metal tools or even your car frame or chassis. Rust forms when metal is left outside facing the elements where it reverts to its original state of Iron Oxide. Exposure to moisture and oxygen creates this iron oxide which is commonly known as rust.

You would have to hire professional rust removers to come do the job for you or at least invest in some professional tools to remove the rust. The experience would be nothing short of miserable. Even if you decide to do it yourself, rust removal is very difficult and time-consuming as you would have to sand the whole rusted area then prime it and then match it with a paint job.

All this is not possible in today’s fast paced world.  Fear no more as there are several products in the market which counteract rust by treating it at its source. Here are some products that should be quite useful to someone who is looking for rust removers or rust treatment solutions.

  • Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment, 10.25 oz. net Aerosol Can

This is one of the easiest rust treatment methods as it comes in an aerosol form which is very easy to spray over the affected part of the car or chassis. This also works on rusty truck frames and isn’t limited to cars alone.

The Permatex Rust Treatment can also come in 8 ounces and 16-ounce packs which you can buy according to   your   requirements.   In a   chemical   process,   this   rust treatment solution removes existing rust and prevents formation of new rust within seconds of its application.

As soon as the Permatex 81849 Rust Treatment is sprayed or brushed on the rusted surface, it develops into a black polymer coating. This durable polymer coating also serves a dual purpose as an excellent primer for further painting. The Permatex Rust treatment can be used on any and all rusted surfaces including car and truck frames and chassis. It has been specially formulated to be used with body filler and fiberglass.

  • PlastiKote 623 Rust Converter, 8 oz.

The PlastiKote 623 Rust converter is another chemical rust treatment method which turns rust into an iron hard paintable surface as soon as it is applied in a completely organic way without releasing any toxic fumes or gasses. This treatment method uses a very safe way to convert rust into a hard surface that can be compared to a primer coat which can be painted on with ease.

This conversion process takes place without any bubbling or foaming and is approved for use by anyone because it doesn’t release any dangerous substances. Apart from being non-toxic and using environmentally friendly substances, the PlastiKote Rust Converter is also non-flammable which makes it even safer.

One of the main quirks about the PlastiKote is that it creates such a strong coating that can be painted on that it even prevents staining from the multiple top coats applied on after the rust converter. Bleeding Through is a big problem even when using primers to paint on but it is not a worry when you use the Plastikote Rust Converter. You can remove the rust and have a clean and stain free paint job at the same time and not worry about the paint bleeding through the hard surface created by this rust treatment method.

Understanding Your Vehicle & How to Service It

The automotive industry is a sector that involves transport utilities and vehicles. Further, the word automotive can be used in reference to a motor vehicle and the parts that make a vehicle including the engine, body parts, differential, transmission and much more.

It is funny thing how cars are contributing a lot to the country’s revenue through tax. The country that is importing and therefore gains through for every entry, and on the other hand, through production.

Many people own vehicles but have no single idea what they are composed of, which is shocking a little bit. Gaining knowledge about your motor vehicle can give you an upper hand the moment you experience a mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere, far away from your mechanic.


The car engine to some people when they open the bonnet, it looks like a map that is complicated and hard to find your way out. You know, learning one thing or two about your car engine is very important. There is no point of you hiring strangers to come and help you to fix your car whenever it has a problem and probably it is just a tiny minor problem you could have fixed yourself. Instead of staying with a vehicle for 10 years and the only thing you know is how to sit behind Sterling, but beyond that, it is rocket science. Learn how to change fluids, listen to the car engine, how valves are connected, know what is a radiator, camshaft, catalytic converter, and much more. The engine is never complicated if you commit to daily learn one thing after the other just basic things so that next time you can do it yourself without the help of a mechanic.

Tools to Carry

You know, when faced with a problem either as a new car owner, the last thing to ever imagine is your car going dead on you. That is a nightmare many don’t like imagining at all. So, in case that happens and maybe you identify something amiss and require a fix, what do you do? Having tools in your car is very important as even trial and error can do tricks. Number one, you should never lack pliers in your car, spanner (in different sizes), adjustable wrench, torque wrench, and flat head and Philips screw drivers. Those are basic tools; though there are others since you are not a mechanic yourself then you do not require a whole toolbox full of tools you will never use.

Conquer Your Fear

If there is one thing that makes grown up men want to pee on themselves, it is a vehicle that fails to ignite. Let’s say you are in a middle of a forest and you are imagining those wild animals in your head running after you, tears rolling down the cheek freely, yet you can do nothing to fix the problem before you. Kill the fear inside you and face the giant. Fear eats your energy to think and concentrate the way forward. Once you kick the fear out of you, now you will be able to comfortably get out of your vehicle and fix that headlamp failing to light up.

Fixing the Outer Part

Ladies are doing it nowadays, as a man never give an excuse that changing a tire requires you to call your University lecturer to explain to you the process involved. Seriously, unless you grew from a different world, only then can that make sense. This is not to say dealing with small practical and doable things is a walk in the park, but they are so simple and it is just to get dirty and have the problem fixed immediately. For instance, the process of changing a tire is next to nothing and it is a direct practical thing one can do easily without struggle. Automotive is just like other machines, it’s just that they are huge in the body when you compare with the rest.