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How to Maintain the Shiny Look of Your Car

A brand new car is always gleaming. It looks beautiful, shiny and quite clean. As time goes by, the paint will start looking dull. It will not be as gleaming as when it was new. It’s not easy for many to maintain their cars well but you there is a possibility.

Wax Your Car Once a Month

Waxing your car will help in maintaining the shiny look. A high quality wax should be used in this case. An auto dealer will do it professionally but you can also do it yourself. If you decide to wax the car yourself, you should ensure that you follow the instructions given to the letter. Wash and dry the car before you can start waxing. After applying the wax, you should remove any residue.

Use Car Detergents

There are many car washing detergents that you can choose from and this is what you should use to clean the car. Microfiber towels should be used to wash. The paint coating is damaged by other detergents that are meant for house chores thus they should be avoided.

Before doing the actual washing, remove any dirt and debris that could be on the body to avoid scratches then clean and dry the car using a clean microfiber towel.

Wash it at Least Once a Week

To keep it clean and shiny, you should wash it at least once a week. Whether it’s washed by a professional or you wash it at home, it should be done weekly and this is when it is just dusty. It should be washed as soon as it gets dirty especially after driving in a muddy or dusty area or in the rain. Every part should be cleaned thoroughly including the tires and the rims.

Park it under a Shade

Hot and dry weather affects the finish of your car. Parking your car in the sun regularly will lead to the paint losing its luster and will gradually look dull. Just like your skin, protect it from UV rays as long as you can. Park it in a shelter, at your home garage or under a shade.

Proper care for your car boosts its appearance. In addition to maintaining a gleaming car, regular paint maintenance adds its value. When you decide to resell it, the bids will be higher. As you focus on the paint, do not forget the rims and the interiors.