Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Battery

It’s every driver’s nightmare to ignite their car only to find out that it cannot start. The battery has served its purpose and it’s no longer functional. The battery is one of the most important car components that you will find in the engine bay.

Taking some small measures will go a long way in prolonging its life. Otherwise you may find you need to get a second hand one from your local wrecking yard, such as Toowoomba Wreckers. Or else pay full price for a new model.

Here are some tips that can help with extending the life of your car battery.

Switch off All the Electrical Appliances

Driving at night, when some drivers get to their destination and it’s time to turn off the engine, they just switch it off. They don’t remember to switch off electrical appliances. Switch off the radio, all the lights, and other electrical appliances. It should be done when the engine is still running.  This is important as the battery will rest. 

Have the Battery Terminals Cleaned

As time goes by, battery terminals can corrode if not well taken care of. This reduces its life significantly. To control corrosion, it’s recommended that the terminals are cleaned at least every six months. This is by using a mixture of water and baking soda scrubbing with a soft brush. 

Reduce Idling

Idling takes a huge toll on the battery thus it should be avoided. Instead of idling, it’s better to switch off the car. If the car will be in the idling mode for some time, all electrical components such as the radio, the lights, and the air conditioner should be turned off. 

Check the Battery Cells

The battery cells should be checked periodically. The plates should be covered with electrolytes and if not, fill them with distilled water. If not sure about how to do this, get someone who can assist as long as they do it correctly and not overfill it. 

Importance of Taking Care of the Battery

Besides serving you for longer which saves you money, there are more reasons you should take better care of the battery. 

·         It gives you quicker starts every time you turn on the ignition 

·         You keep the car in good shape as the components that rely on the battery will still function

When a battery is not well-maintained, it’s bound to die easily and at any time. If you do not want surprises, check the battery cells, reduced extended periods of idling, switch off all electrical components before parking the car and keep the terminals clean.