Understanding Your Vehicle & How to Service It

The automotive industry is a sector that involves transport utilities and vehicles. Further, the word automotive can be used in reference to a motor vehicle and the parts that make a vehicle including the engine, body parts, differential, transmission and much more.

It is funny thing how cars are contributing a lot to the country’s revenue through tax. The country that is importing and therefore gains through for every entry, and on the other hand, through production.

Many people own vehicles but have no single idea what they are composed of, which is shocking a little bit. Gaining knowledge about your motor vehicle can give you an upper hand the moment you experience a mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere, far away from your mechanic.


The car engine to some people when they open the bonnet, it looks like a map that is complicated and hard to find your way out. You know, learning one thing or two about your car engine is very important. There is no point of you hiring strangers to come and help you to fix your car whenever it has a problem and probably it is just a tiny minor problem you could have fixed yourself. Instead of staying with a vehicle for 10 years and the only thing you know is how to sit behind Sterling, but beyond that, it is rocket science. Learn how to change fluids, listen to the car engine, how valves are connected, know what is a radiator, camshaft, catalytic converter, and much more. The engine is never complicated if you commit to daily learn one thing after the other just basic things so that next time you can do it yourself without the help of a mechanic.

Tools to Carry

You know, when faced with a problem either as a new car owner, the last thing to ever imagine is your car going dead on you. That is a nightmare many don’t like imagining at all. So, in case that happens and maybe you identify something amiss and require a fix, what do you do? Having tools in your car is very important as even trial and error can do tricks. Number one, you should never lack pliers in your car, spanner (in different sizes), adjustable wrench, torque wrench, and flat head and Philips screw drivers. Those are basic tools; though there are others since you are not a mechanic yourself then you do not require a whole toolbox full of tools you will never use.

Conquer Your Fear

If there is one thing that makes grown up men want to pee on themselves, it is a vehicle that fails to ignite. Let’s say you are in a middle of a forest and you are imagining those wild animals in your head running after you, tears rolling down the cheek freely, yet you can do nothing to fix the problem before you. Kill the fear inside you and face the giant. Fear eats your energy to think and concentrate the way forward. Once you kick the fear out of you, now you will be able to comfortably get out of your vehicle and fix that headlamp failing to light up.

Fixing the Outer Part

Ladies are doing it nowadays, as a man never give an excuse that changing a tire requires you to call your University lecturer to explain to you the process involved. Seriously, unless you grew from a different world, only then can that make sense. This is not to say dealing with small practical and doable things is a walk in the park, but they are so simple and it is just to get dirty and have the problem fixed immediately. For instance, the process of changing a tire is next to nothing and it is a direct practical thing one can do easily without struggle. Automotive is just like other machines, it’s just that they are huge in the body when you compare with the rest.