What Happens when you cannot Find Your Car Keys

When you own a car, there are three things that you do not want to experience. One is that you do not want to lose your car keys, get involved in an accident or have a mechanical issue. All these things happen when you least expect them. It is a nightmare to either lose your car keys or lock them in the car.

Confirm Whether the Car Supports Keyless Entry

You could be lucky that your car supports the keyless entry. You have to learn how to do this first. This should be your first option before you can contact your car dealer or locksmith.

  • Get a Car Key Locksmith

Once you are sure that you cannot find your car keys, you should contact a reputable car key locksmith. Of course, this is if you do not have a spare key and even if you do, it’s time to get a spare after losing one set. The one advantage of working with a reputable car key locksmith is that it your car model or make does not matter, they will replace the key for you.

  • Contact Your Car Dealer

Besides contacting a local car key locksmith, you can seek help from a car dealer. Car dealers are well-equipped and they can get your keys replaced in minutes. It’s advisable that you do not have a single set of car keys but rather get an extra one from your car dealer. This will make a significant difference when you lose your keys.

Never do this when you lock in Your Car Keys

At times, the unfortunate can be you locking your keys in the car. If this is the case, never try to force open the vehicle whether it’s through the window or the door. Some cars allow a keyless entry but if it does not, contact a locksmith or dealer but do not try to break your car as this will worsen the situation.

Losing your car key is a nightmare that you do not want to go through considering the fact that it happens at the wrong time. There is actually never the right time that you can lose your car key. Due to this, it is recommended that you have a spare key somewhere as a backup. Keep the contacts of a reliable car key locksmith or dealer with you for emergencies.